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  • Microsoft Flight: Ready

    Microsoft Flight: Ready
    Yes. I am ready to fly. I am an expert at this and would never crash into a balloon....
    Microsoft Flight: Ready

    Microsoft Flight: Nicely done

    Microsoft Flight: Nicely done
    Microsoft is so nice to its gamers. They compliment me after crashing into the ocean. Maybe she was being sarcastic and thinking '...
    Microsoft Flight: Nicely done

    Microsoft Flight: Missed

    Microsoft Flight: Missed
    I guess this is not a combat game. I missed the balloon rather than bringing it down. I guess that is a good thing....
    Microsoft Flight: Missed

    Microsoft Flight: Land

    Microsoft Flight: Land
    I still have nightmares of trying to land when play Top Gun on the NES. It was easy enough in Microsoft Flight....
    Microsoft Flight: Land

Microsoft Flight Gameplay

Microsoft Flight Gameplay

Microsoft Flight is the flight simulation game published by Microsoft Studios. Delivering realistic flying simulation mechanics and a variety of MMORPG and progression features, Microsoft Flight is arguably the greatest flight-sim to come out of the Microsoft Studios in the last decade.

Players will get the opportunity to fly over the beautifully crafted island of Hawaii, from scaling huge cliffs to narrowly avoiding the tops of the tall trees in the forest. Microsoft Flight gives players a huge virtual world to explore, all rendered in high-quality graphics and accompanied by the booming sound of the engine.

One of the most innovative features introduced into Microsoft Flight is the new job system, a feature that hasn't been seen in any of Microsoft's previous flight simulation games. Jobs allow players to perform various activities in the hopes of receiving experience points, and a paycheck. There are 2 main job types, cargo and passengers. If you like to think of yourself as a skilled pilot, you'll want to take the passenger jobs that ask you to transport passengers between various locations. Your reward is based on your speed, and how safe you fly, ensuring that your passengers are kept happy the entire journey. Cargo jobs feature in a similar way but obviously the cargo doesn't get too unhappy if your flying is a bit erratic. You'll be tasked with transporting cargo between various airports, earning experience points and reputation along the way.   

If you consider yourself more of a free-range pilot, free from the shackles of passenger and cargo transportation, you'll want to look into locating the Aerocaches. Aerocaches are hidden throughout the world in Microsoft Flight, from deep in the valleys to high in the clouds. Searching for the Aerocaches is another unique way that you can earn experience points and reputation. Microsoft Flight has even in-game features that support the ability to launch an Aerocaches Hunt, featuring a group of players searching the skies for the mysterious packages.

By Rachel Rosen

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