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    Meez: Avatar
    Choose from one of six avatars, six female and six male....
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    Meez: Style
    The game revovles around style and customization, spend your points to make your avatar the coolest on the block....
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    Meez: Meez Nation
    A map-like structure when highlighted allows for relocation of your avatar....
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    Meez: Gameplay
    Be social, make friends and explore user generated content; also includes music of choice for each user designed content....
    Meez: Gameplay

Meez is a mmo virtual worlds, developed and published by Donnerwood Media. Although it has a wide selection of  games, Meez is not just about gaming. It's a mmo platform for social interaction with tons of activities. Players register for a free account and create a Meez avatar. There are hundreds of ways you can personalize a Meez avatar. Players can choose gender, outfits, hair styles, colors, background images, accessories, tattoos, piercings and animations. More items can be earned or bought. Playing Meez games is a great way to get some more coinz (Meez currency). There is an option to save 5 different instances of your Meez avatar but you are restricted to one Meez per account. Meez avatars can be used outside the game as profile pictures for forums, chat programs, blogs and more.

Meez world is composed of areas named hoodz. Hoodz are unique with different styles and themes. Players can travel from hood to hood to meet and interact with other players. Meez social interaction is usually based on common interests, hobbies and such. Each hood has several hangouts. A hangout is a Meez room with a certain theme. Chillville is a beach hood. Some of the Chillville hangouts are: party island, coco loco, siesta beach, tiki fuego and such. Uptown is a hood where you can visit hangouts like: club busta flow, penthouse hot tub party, BoA studio, dance jam and uptown pool party. Arcadia is a gothic themed hood. Some points of interest in Arcadia are: cathedral crypt, hidden gallery, loose endz, steampunk station and club vampire. Outlandia is for the outdoorsy people. Cliff hanger, frozen pond, camp Runamok, mountain top and snow party are a few of the Outlandia hangouts. Hell's Kitchen and Posh Heights are other Meez hoodz. Meez mmo does not restrict player socializing to hangouts only. Players can build their own customized hangouts called rooms. A private room is just like a hangout but it's player created. You can choose styles, decorations, invite players and also kick them out of you Meez room.

Besides social interaction, Meez can also work as a gaming platform. There are around 120 Flash games available. Meez virtual games features puzzles, cards, strategy and action games. Funny Bunny is a game where players need to find lost bunnies. Cupcake Frenzy is a baking game. In Ranch Rush players will take care of a virtual farm. There are also dance games like Dance Floor Destroyer. Meez is free to use and players can opt for a premium membership. Meez requires no download and runs in a web browser but you will need Java installed on your computer.

By Rachel Rosen

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