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LuckCatchers Gameplay First Look - HD

LuckCatchers Gameplay First Look - HD

LuckCatchers is a massive virtual world developed and published by DiP Online. The Russian game studio used the literary works of Alexey Pehov as an inspiration when building the game world. Although young (under 40 years ago), the talented writer already produced several novels and short stories. LuckCatchers is based on the fantasy novels. Game adventures are set to take place 300 years before the events in the books. The World on the Edge of the Inside Out is the fictional realm where adventures unfold. The Inside Out is a domain populated by demons and it's separated from other realms by a barricade. LuckCatchers players discover an open world that becomes their playground. They are free to go anywhere provided they have the means and skills to survive.

Fantasy blends with steampunk to create the magical LuckCatchers world. Heroes, merchants, warriors and all sorts of individuals roam the world in search for adventures and profit. There are no loading screens when traveling between zones. This creates game immersion and encourages exploration. At least 30 cities that offer various facilities like trading posts and repair shops are found in the world. Players have two choices when creating a new game character. Orcs are skilled miners while Humans are unmatched craftsmen. Like most MMORPG games, LuckCatchers has a set of skills that are used for character upgrade and customization but there is no class system. All skills are available and it's up to players to learn the ones they consider necessary. This system opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to character customization. It's possible to explore the world as a hunter, to take care of a farm, to make a career in trading or to roam the skies as a pirate. Crafting and building are a big part of LuckCatchers gameplay. From airplanes to castles, the crafting possibilities are almost endless. Players obtain raw materials that are transformed into weapons, ships, buildings or other items.

There are various methods to get crafting materials. One of them is using related skills to mine or extract ores. Trading is another possibility. LuckCatchers is one of the virtual games that allow players to hire other players for all sorts of missions. Job postings are usually found in cities. In addition to economy, LuckCatchers also has sociopolitical player driven world. Players can conquer territories, establish cities and go to war against each other. Governors can even charge rent from players living on their lands. The game is free to play with VIP options. One neat feature is that premium currency can be obtained not just with real money but also just by spending time in game. LuckCatchers is available on Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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