Little Space Heroes blasts off with new games, kritterz and costumes

By Michael Jamias
little space heroes new games kritterz

Most recent update piles on some more multiplayer games, additional collectible kritterz pets and new stylish hero customization options.

Little Space Heroes plans to take its 1.5 million kid subscribers on a rollercoaster ride of fun with its new multiplayer games. Players will be asked to blast down incoming asteroids, perform parachute jumps, throw some perfect bowling strikes and even score a winning soccer goal.

For those who spend a lot of time hanging out in this virtual world, there are also new pets to play with. Ten new kritterz, from unicorns to dinosaurs, join the existing roster of adorable collectibles. New flying accessories also allow these kritterz to accompany their heroes to the skies and the galactic adventures beyond.

Little Space Heroes has also expanded its dressing-up feature with ten new fashion catalogs. MMORPG role-players will love play-acting in their waiter, usher and report costumes.

And for the ultimate trendsetting party hosts, developers have launched groovy homepad themes: Rock Star, Day Spa, Gamer Chilled or Jungle. These are just the pre-set options. Players will also be able to create their own homepads, complete with customized music for the perfect party mood.

Come March, Little Space Heroes fans can look forward to joining “massive treasure hunt” event hosted by none other than the lovable intergalactic hopper-explorer, Bubble Bunny.


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