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  • Little Space Heroes: kid

    Little Space Heroes: kid
    Little Space Heroes is a kid friendly MMO. Here is the zone all new players start at....
    Little Space Heroes: kid

    Little Space Heroes: academy

    Little Space Heroes: academy
    The Space Heroes Academy is just one place you can visit in town. Explore around as you play!...
    Little Space Heroes: academy

    Little Space Heroes: store

    Little Space Heroes: store
    Head to the store to buy new items and decorations....
    Little Space Heroes: store

    Little Space Heroes: mini

    Little Space Heroes: mini
    In this mini game we try to collect gems while avoiding asteroids....
    Little Space Heroes: mini

Little Space Heroes is a virtual worlds game for kids, developed and published by Bubble Gum Interactive. It’s aimed at a younger playerbase with the maximum age of 12. Players start as trainees at the Space Heroes Academy. The end goal is to retrieve the Glows from the evil Lord Shadowbot. He is a robot and hates dark. Glows are mysterious creatures that generate light and energy. It is up to players to find them. Gameplay consists of quests and missions. The controls are basic and consist mostly of point and click. There also are a few keyboard commands. Player interaction is highly encouraged in a Little Space Heroes. When making a Little Space Heroes character, players get to choose gender, some visual traits and outfits. Premium members can unlock more clothing and accessories.

Little Space Heroes players have 2 options to move around. They can either click the spot on the ground where they want to reach or use the jet pack to fly. Traveling between distant locations can be done using a teleporter. There is a social list where players can add friends. The maximum number of friends that can be added is 1000. There is also an ignore option. Players that are breaking the rules can be reported to moderators. A player’s current quests will appear in the quest log. After completing the starting quests, players get their own starjet. These jets are not just for moving around. Little Space Heroes players can do some pretty cool moves with it. The starjet can be also used to destroy asteroids that get in the way. There is a mini starjet racing game in Little Space Heroes mmo. Friends can compete against each other to see who’s the fastest. Sometimes, Lord Shadowbot sends his robot minions to stop the space heroes from their quests. Players use the bubble blaster to get rid of them. Landing a starjet can be a tricky task. It takes a bit of time to learn to do it perfectly. Starjets can be customized with gadgets. Space heroes can get little kritterz to accompany and help them.

Little Space Heroes is a free. However, the free content is limited. There are several benefits for members who pay a monthly fee. They gain access to all planets and related quests or mini games. There are events only paying members can attend. They also have more decoration options for their homes. Because Little Space Heroes is a browser mmo for kids, special attention is paid to safety. There are community managers and game masters whose job is to make Little Space Heroes a safe place for the young ones.

By Rachel Rosen


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