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  • Landmark: islands

    Landmark: islands
    Players can teleport to different islands and servers to find available land for claims or higher tiers of resources....
    Landmark: islands

    Landmark: craft

    Landmark: craft
    Use crafting stations to create gathering tools, building tools, furniture, props, accessories, and more....
    Landmark: craft

    Landmark: gather

    Landmark: gather
    Landmark uses a tiered resource system. Use the appropriate tier of gathering tools to collect resources. Here, I use my iron pick...
    Landmark: gather

    Landmark: claims

    Landmark: claims
    Players place claims on empty plots of land in the world. On a claim, nobody mines for resources. The owner sets permissions on wh...
    Landmark: claims

Landmark Gameplay First Look - HD

Landmark Gameplay First Look - HD

Landmark is a free to play MMO virtual game developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment. It’s a building and exploring sandbox game set in the popular Everquest universe. Players can craft most diverse items and construct all sorts of buildings. Some of these objects can be seen in Everquest Next. Landmark provides players with lots of tools and materials that can be shaped into amazing creations. The ForgeLight game engine produces spectacular graphics and rich visual effects. By exploring the immense game world players discover new building locations, take part in adventures and obtain useful crafting materials.

When starting Landmark for the first time, players own just a patch of land and some basic building tools. Everything that players build on their land is permanent. Such a house can serve both as a storage facility and a workshop. This is similar to the player housing feature. Players can invite friends to hang out, relax and build together. Landmark offers users plenty of decorative items to personalize their homes. Guest players must be given special permission in other to modify house owner’s creations. Taking care of a house is fun but the world outside awaits and rewards players that dare to explore it. First thing players must be aware of is that open world building is not permanent or protected by any rules. All players are free to build, modify or even destroy other players creations. The open virtual world of Landmark is built using various landscapes and terrain types inspired from other Everquest games. Players will find volcanic zones that resemble the Lavastorm Mountains, dry deserts, lush forests and snowy areas. There is also an underground world that hides secrets and mysteries. A very convenient fast travel system is implemented as well. Players are encouraged to team up and reshape the open world together. Some of the most impressive player created structures become permanent Landmark buildings.

Player Studio is a feature that allows talented players to sell their Landmark creations. Players use 3D modeling programs such as Maya or 3DMax to create various items. After the Landmark team approves a certain item, other players can purchase it from the MMO market place and the creator gets a percentage of the revenue. There are no special requirements to use the Player Studio. Landmark has 2 types of wearable equipment: accessories and outfits. Accessories are all sorts of items used to improve stats. Outfits are cosmetic items used to customize characters appearance. Landmark is a good choice for all sandbox games fans and Everquest players that want to try something different.

By Nabil Elmjati


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