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  • Lady Popular: dressing

    Lady Popular: dressing
    Once you rent your apartment you can use your dressing room to change clothes and put make up....
    Lady Popular: dressing

    Lady Popular: tattoos

    Lady Popular: tattoos
    In tattoo shop you can customize your lady even more with adding tattoos, piercings and henna....
    Lady Popular: tattoos

    Lady Popular: job

    Lady Popular: job
    In order to get a job you first need to finish a course. Once you earn more money and raise your IQ you can finish courses for bet...
    Lady Popular: job

    Lady Popular: mini-games

    Lady Popular: mini-games
    While your lady is in gym working out or in library reading you can play a lot of fun mini-games which will give you money or IQ....
    Lady Popular: mini-games

Lady Popular is a virtual game free to play fashion themed MMO that aims primarily at a younger female audience thanks to its excellent amount of customization and socializing features. The game is developed and published by XS Software. Your first step in Lady Popular is creating your character. There's dozens of options, players can either choose specific parts to change or can go for a more general approach such as a skater, princess or goth like look. If you choose to edit parts singularly, you can choose eyes, mouth and other facial features as well as selecting hair, clothes and accessories.

Each character in Lady Popular also gets their own room. This is where you can change your characters clothing and appearance as you purchase more items. There are hundreds of clothing items you can purchase including leather jackets, high heels, tube tops, skirts and dresses. You can also unlock and equip accessories such as hats and scarves, handbags, bikinis and jewellery.  

After you created your perfect character, you can head into the city. There are a large variety of activities in the city, both social and income based. Players can choose various tasks to earn some extra cash and increase their fashion inventory, but they can also go dancing with friends and perform more artistic actions such as creating their very own tattoo. You can also save up the cash to purchase your very own pet, from rabbits to cats and dogs. Each pet can also be equipped in the latest designer clothing, want your rabbit to wear cool shades? You got it.

The best way to make cash in Lady Popular is challenging your friends to mini games. There are a large variety including Puzzles, Sudoku, Fashion Duels and more traditional games like pairs. If you're lucky enough to find a boy in game, you can also create relationships with other players.

By Rachel Rosen

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