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JCB Pioneer Mars is a survival virtual game developed by Atomicom in collaboration with JCB and published by GamesCo. It's a sci fi multiplayer game that tasks players with a colonizing mission on Mars. The Red Planet is by far a welcoming environment. The alien world is not intended for human living. JCB Pioneer Mars players will use vehicles to tame Mars. The game is created in collaboration with JCB, a company that produces heavy duty vehicles ranging from tractors to excavators to diggers. JCB machines are intended for a variety of purposes such as agriculture and constructions. JCB Pioneer Mars players become colonists who use machines to transform Mars into a second home away from Earth.

Gameplay includes survival features and players cooperation. Life on Mars is so much different from life on Earth. The temperatures reach values that could kill any human being. Natural Martian phenomenons like electrical storms or meteor strikes occur on this planet. Radiation is another problem for the brave explorers. Colonists will have to obtain resources, build settlements and work together to conquer the Red Planet. JCB Pioneer Mars is one of the virtual world games that encourage exploration. It's possible to discover Mars by walking but it's not the most efficient way. Players use vehicles especially designed to face the alien geography. The development team worked with JCB designers to create in game vehicles. Machines are one of the most important JCB Pioneer Mars features. Players will use them for exploration, for resource gathering and for constructions. Terraforming Mars is a team effort. Those who decide to work together will see results much faster than lone wolves. Compelling rewards encourage player interaction. JCB Pioneer Mars players use resources for building. These resources are obtained by operating mining vehicles. After players have secured a decent amount of resources it's time to start building a martian base. Various technologies will make colonists life easier. Players unlock technologies by researching them first.

Vehicles can be upgraded to become more efficient. JCB Pioneer Mars players will discover that by spending resources they can enhance their machines. Other equipment also supports upgrades. Superior equipment unlocks more features and permits access into more areas. Upgraded rovers can be used to uncover all Martian secrets. JCB Pioneer Mars is one of the MMO games built with Unreal Engine 4. Players can expect to find a realistic simulation of the martian terrain. Buildings list expands as players advance and discover more technologies. JCB Pioneer Mars is available as a free to play game.

By Rachel Rosen

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