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  • Hello Kitty Online: Character Creation

    Hello Kitty Online: Character Creation
    Choose between a male and female character and customize their appearance....
    Hello Kitty Online: Character Creation

    Hello Kitty Online: Skills

    Hello Kitty Online: Skills
    The game revolves around 8 skill types; such as mining and woodcutting etc....
    Hello Kitty Online: Skills

    Hello Kitty Online: Game Play

    Hello Kitty Online: Game Play
    Don't expect to be fighting, you will play mini games to earn points....
    Hello Kitty Online: Game Play

    Hello Kitty Online: Inventory

    Hello Kitty Online: Inventory
    Over time change the look of your character to satisfy your needs....
    Hello Kitty Online: Inventory

Hello Kitty Online Gameplay

Hello Kitty Online Gameplay

Hello Kitty Online (or HKO) is a virtual worlds mmorpg for kids, developed and published by Sanrio Digital. It's the first game based on the Hello Kitty franchise. Players will get a chance to adventure into a digital Hello Kitty world and meet famous characters like Keroppi, Dear Daniel and, of course, Hello Kitty herself. The world is made of fantasy places like Dream Forest or Flower Kingdom and real world cities like Paris, London and many more. The graphic style has that Hello Kitty specific cuteness. There are countless ways to personalize a Hello Kitty Online avatar with outfits, accessories or hair styles. There is a player housing feature that allows players to have their own place in Hello Kitty Online world.

Sanrio Town online community makes Hello Kitty Online player interaction possible, even outside the game. Members of this community can share videos, have access to blogs, forums, email, mini games and other social features. Hello Kitty Online doesn't have a class system but, players can build unique avatars by personalizing skills and gear. One of the nicest Hello Kitty Online activities is taking care of your virtual house. You can purchase decorations from special NPCs and also from human players. If you have the crafting skills, you can build the decorations yourself. Those who like gardening or farming can set up a little farm. Taking care of your Hello Kitty Online virtual farm is not easy but the rewards are worth it. The 2 starting areas for new Hello Kitty Online players are Sanrio Harbor and Dream Carnival. Quests and missions are received from Sanrio characters. Sometimes, mobs can drop pet cards and players can use those cards to collect a new pet. There are tons of Hello Kitty Online activities that have nothing to do with combat. Players can craft all sorts of goods, gather resources, explore the Hello Kitty Online virtual world, cook and create outfits. Hello Kitty Online is mainly a game for kids so anything that might promote violence is left out. There is no PvP system but, players can compete in events or mini games. There are no common rpg weapons like daggers, swords and such. Hello Kitty Online players use lollipops, brooms or other items to defeat monsters. End game provides co-op challenges.

Hello Kitty Online is known for organizing in game events for charity. Players are asked to craft all sorts of in game items and for each item Hello Kitty Online offers real money or other goods to different organizations. Hello Kitty Online is a free to play mmo with a safe environment for kids. All violent aspects seen in most video games are not present in Hello Kitty Online. Those who want to acquire special outfits or rare pets should check out Hello Kitty Online item mall.

By Rachel Rosen


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