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    Habbo: Public spaces

Habbo Hotel, also known as Habbo, is a social, browser-based MMO game where players of all ages can go to meet other players and enjoy exciting events. Although there are features that appeal to gamers of all ages, Habbo Hotel is mainly aimed towards a younger audience and has an array of features to ensure players remain safe during their time playing. Habbo Hotel is a world-wide phenomenon available in over 15 countries and played by thousands of players across the globe.  

Habbo Hotel offers all players a Guest Room, their own personal space within the hotel. There are literally thousands of different items players can use to customize their Guest Room, ranging from simple furniture such as a Sofa or Armchair to more bachelor pad style items such as a Flat-Screen Television or Personal Fridge. Players can purchase a number of items for in-game currency but the majority require Habbo Credits, the micro-transaction system featured in Habbo Hotel. However, there are always hundreds of player hosted events and activities taking place, giving players the opportunity to get a job, or win a competition, with Habbo Credit items as prizes.

The creativity of the Habbo Hotel community is one of the games best assets. There are thousands of customized Guest Rooms ranging from party pads to job centers, all of which offer players a different community and atmosphere. A number of players host regular competitions such as a quiz or a difficult maze, with various prizes being awarded. Habbo Hotel is also home to a seedy underbelly where players can become private detectives spying on employees or another players girlfriend.

Habbo Hotel is arguably one of the greatest social-based virtual games online. The huge amounts of customization, player ran events and competitions, and the recently added mini-games, provides players with a unique social experience unlike any other game on the internet.

By Rachel Rosen

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