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h1z1 just survive zombie boss
As if the H1Z1: Just Survive apocalypse hasn't produced enough neck-gnawing zombies, developers of the survival mmorpg will be introducing nasty zombie bosses as well as a mechanic that turns you into a zombie when you die.H1Z1 zombie bosses are still in development and details are still scant, but what has been confirmed is that they will be a crucial part of the core game additions in the near future. "Having boss encounters plays well wit...
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Jul 18 2016
h1z1 ignition game mode trailer
Daybreak pumps up the anticipation for the upcoming H1Z1 Ignition game mode through a brand-new trailer. H1Z1 shooters must race to the safe zone in order to avoid being blown up to meaty bits by the timed explosive devices strapped onto them.Of course, getting to the safe zone will be no walk in the park as rivals attempt to gun you down. This is why some players can opt to take strategic detours, such as the one shown in the video, to scav...
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May 23 2016
Was H1Z1 splitting into two games right?
Developing an online game can take a lot of twists and turns from initial planning to full-scale launch. Features that were once touted as core systems may be jettisoned as they may be impossible to implement or unexpected new aspects may appear due to sudden inspiration or player feedback. The crux of this process is that the final product may be extremely different from what was once originally envisioned. One game that has seen a drastic chang...
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Mar 24 2016
What we want in a zombie mmo
Vampires once ruled the undead roost, but they're now a distant second to the humble zombie. Whereas vampires have become the sparkly crush of teenage girls, the zombie has conquered popular culture via movies, comics, and TV. Zombies have crossed over to gaming as well, with games like Left 4 Dead and H1Z1. While the number of zombie-themed mmorpg games is very small when compared to fantasy mmos, their numbers are beginning to grow (is this the...
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Mar 04 2016
H1Z1 split into two games
Just when you think it's safe, the zombie menace continues to spread. It's amazing to see how zombie mania has gripped popular culture, and gaming, over the last few years. It seems players just can't get enough trying to prove their mettle against the zombie hordes or other players (and usually both at the same time!). The H1Z1 virtual worlds mmo has been quietly popular and even has recently branched out into the realm of eSports. However, the ...
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Feb 05 2016
H1Z1 Invitational prize pool surpasses $150,000
With the insane rise in the popularity of eSports, it seems that every mmo on the market is looking to hitch their wagon to some competitive gaming. The latest entry into the eSports arena is the H1Z1 virtual world mmo where players labor to survive the zombie apocalypse. Daybreak Game Studio has announced that the prize pool for the upcoming H1Z1 Invitational has passed $150,000, and that number will continue to keep climbing.The H1Z1 Invita...
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Sep 14 2015
John Smedley discusses H1Z1 future goals
The last few months have seen quite a bit of drama over SOE becoming Daybreak Game Company with some notable people being fired or choosing to seize an opportunity somewhere else. The result is that it's been somewhat quiet on the news front about the development of H1Z1, the zombie apocalypse-themed virtual world mmo. That was changed today when John Smedley took to Reddit and issued a long post about the H1Z1 future goals and what the developme...
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Jun 09 2015
H1Z1 developer Jimmy Whisenhunt leaves
It appears that another member of the Daybreak Game Company (formerly SOE) has left the company. It was just a few months ago when Sony surprised everyone with the news that they had sold off Sony Online Entertainment, which was then quickly followed by the shocking departure of a number of high profile employees, notably Dave Georgeson of EverQuest fame. Now news has come that H1Z1 developer Jimmy Whisenhunt has left the virtual worlds mmo to ta...
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May 05 2015
h1z1 female
It's arguably a year now since the big 'gamergate' fiasco started to fade away, but it seems like gender equality is finally taking a turn for the better in mmo games. Kind of. Female models in survival mmofps, H1Z1 have been promised since as far back as 2014, without so much as an appearance on an update or developmental roadmap. However, after months of uncertainty and ambiguity, the developers at Daybreak Games' studios (formally a wing of S...
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Apr 23 2015
h1z1 big dam patch
Yes, that pun is real. The H1Z1 rolled out a larger-than-usual patch featuring updates on The Dam and Battle Royale areas. Aside from the major map changes, the H1Z1 Big Dam patch also begins to address the zombie spawning issues in the mmorpg.Zombie total population now scales based on the mmo player population in order to keep low-population servers from getting completely overrun. While H1Z1 is set in a grim post-apocalyptic zombie world, ...
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Apr 03 2015