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  • Fantage: map

    Fantage: map
    World map which is used to travel from one part to other....
    Fantage: map

    Fantage: egg

    Fantage: egg
    By buying yourself pet egg you can acquire a new pet with which you can play after it hatches....
    Fantage: egg

    Fantage: parties

    Fantage: parties
    If you are invited you can join other players parties and talk to them....
    Fantage: parties

    Fantage: mini game

    Fantage: mini game
    For each quest you do there is different mini game which you need to beat in order to complete a quest....
    Fantage: mini game

Fantage is an anime styled, free to play browser based virtual worlds game that has a heavy focus on social interaction and activities. Fantage is primarily aimed at a younger audience, featuring cute graphics, fun mini-games and various parental features that allow children of all ages to enjoy the game. The majority of actions in Fantage require coins, these coins are earned from playing various mini-games. The mini-games are quick and great fun, with popular carnival style mini-games such as whack-a-mole being available.

Fantage players must first select their in-game character, this is the avatar that will represent them during their travels in the Fantage universe. Players can choose from basic options such as skin color, hair color and style , and basic clothing options. All players are given a free hover board, which is what they use to travel around the Fantage world. This creates a fun aspect to movement which is rarely seen in other MMORPG games.

As well as the in-depth character customization options, all Fantage players also get access to their own house. Houses act as a social hub for you and your friends, as well as a venue for big parties. Players can purchase a large variety of items and furniture for their house, making it a unique place to relax.

As Fantage is heavily based around social interaction with other players, the developers included a large variety of features to help make this possible. One of the most appealing is the Party system. Players are able to throw a party in their house at anytime, decorating it with various party themed objects, even supplying cakes and food. Players must go to a reception room, they can then see a giant list of all the current parties going on in town. The parties are arranged with the most popular party being at the top, making it simple for any player to join the most happening scene.

There are plenty of other activities and features in Fantage, from the interesting friends list and messaging features, to the advanced pet system. Fantage is a great game where kids of all ages can make new friends and enjoy mini-games, all while their parents are secure in knowing the game offers a safe environment.

By Rachel Rosen

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