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Ever, Jane is a virtual world RPG developed and published by 3 Turn Productions. It's a game inspired by Jane Austen writings. Players are transported back in time around year 1800 during the era known as the Regency when England was led by the Prince Regent, George IV. Ever, Jane adventures start in a small settlement called Tyrehampton. This lovely village becomes users playground. They will interact, role play and create a unique adventure on their own or by teaming up with other members. Ever, Jane starts with character creation. Gameplay is not based on class roles. Players design an avatar by choosing from several cosmetic options. Their role and how they interact with the game world is shaped by choices and not by a predefined class that plays in a certain way.

Game design makes Ever, Jane a unique MMORPG with features and systems different from other games. Players won't find any monsters to kill, treasures to loot or mighty raid bosses to take down. Combat is not part of this world. There is no impending doom threatening the world and players are not meant to be the heroes that will eventually save the day. Ever, Jane is all about socializing and interaction. Raids and dungeons have nothing to do with this world. Players exchange all this for glamorous events like dinner parties and grand balls. The bigger the event, the bigger the chances to make an impression on other attendees. The absence of combat doesn't mean that the game does not encourage player competition. Instead of combat abilities players use clever dialogue options and even gossip to get what they want. Ever, Jane content includes social events and adventure stories. These stories are a bit similar to quests. Players task will be to find various items or to talk to NPCs to discover more about a certain story. There are stories that can be completed in single player mode but also stories that require player interaction. Events include anything from a relaxing stroll through the city or attending a social gathering with lots of other players. An invitation is needed to take part in a social event.

Events are hosted by players or NPC. Calendar and writing desk are Ever, Jane features that allow players to manage their social life and to respond or send event invites. Player housing is another game feature. Like most virtual world games, Ever, Jane offers house customization. Players can change wallpaper design, floor appearance and move the furniture. The game world has several villages and estates. A carriage is used for traveling. Clothing and outfits are a big part of the game. Players use the marketplace and dressing room to acquire and to store clothes and accessories. Ever, Jane can be played as a free game with several optional subscription tiers.

By Rachel Rosen

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