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Entropia Universe is a social MMO virtual world with a real cash economy, it is developed and published by Swedish gaming company MindArk. It’s a universe made up of 6 different planets that can all be accessed by creating a single Entropia Universe game account. Travelling is a big part of the game, players can use teleporters and all sorts of vehicles to get from one place to another within the same world but visiting another planet requires a spacecraft. The main reason why traveling and exploring are so important is because that’s how players get involved in game activities like gathering mats, crafting, hunting and missions. All these features allow players to earn PED (in game money) that can actually be cashed in at a rate of 10:1 US dollars.

Calypso, Cyrene, Arkadia, Rocktopia, Next Island and Monria are the 6 planets that form Entropia Universe. Each one has a unique theme but slightly different gameplay mechanics. Planet Calypso went live in 2003 and it’s the first and oldest Entropia Universe planet. It has a sci fi theme and action MMORPG gameplay style. The real money economy is created by players that use their skills to craft anything from outfits to vehicles. Character development is based on a feature called Mindforce that allows players to learn various skills. Planet Calypso also has PvP content. Planet Cyrene is somewhat similar to Planet Calypso in terms of gameplay and activities but it has a completely different theme. It’s a planet where fantasy blends in with sci fi to create an otherworldly universe. Planet Arkadia borrows the sci fi theme but the gameplay is focused on treasure hunting. Planet Rocktopia is where rock music meets horror style and zombie infestation. It has an action gameplay and lots of missions and quests that players must complete in order to become friends with Lemmy Kilmister. Next Island is a tropical paradise with an ancient Greek graphics style where players take part in adventures and join social clubs. Monria, home of Cthulu, is a Lovecraftian themed planet that offers great story quests, all Entropia Universe specific elements and much more.

Entropia Universe and all of its virtual worlds can be accessed for free without initial cost or subscription fee. New players have plenty of ways to gain some PED but those that choose to spend a bit of real cash will have an advantage. Entropia Universe is very popular because of its social interaction elements, unique worlds with original settings and the possibility to earn real money.

By Rachel Rosen


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