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Dark and Light is a MMORPG developed and published by Snail Games. The game made its debut in 2006. Despite of ambitious design elements such as sandbox features the game acquired negative reviews due to poor implementation, low graphics and a series of gameplay issues. Snail Games, the Chinese game publisher, took over to help amend those problems. Dark and Light went offline in 2008 and it has been in development ever since. Snail Games released a teaser video in 2012 and officially announced the game at ChinaJoy in 2016. Dark and Light went through a lot of changes and it shows. The new version is built with Unreal Engine 4. Graphics are now much better. The game universe is a blend of fantasy and sci fi that also has a touch of realism. Players will encounter diverse races, unique creatures and a brand new story centered on dark versus light theme.

Character development is a major gameplay element. There are multiple character advancement paths so players will have to make a choice. The virtual world of Dark and Light is home to fighters, craftsmen, traders and adventurers. Players are free to choose any of these roles or build a personalized character by selecting from a set of abilities. These abilities or skills are upgraded when characters level up. It's not possible to max out all skills with a single character so players should decide which ones they prefer before reaching max level. All new characters will pick a faction and a starting city. Here they will receive some quests that send them to discover the world. Dark and Light has sandbox leveling and exploration so players are not required to stick to a predefined path. They are free to go wherever they please as long as they can handle the challenges. The game story is told with instanced adventures and cut scenes, not just with quests. Dark and Light has action combat similar to first person shooter games. Attacks can be avoided, dodged or blocked with the right skills. Abilities and spells are used in combat.

Game content is a mix between traditional role playing MMO games and sandbox survival. Dark and Light has a rich story to explore but it's not necessarily a story driven game. Players can stick to the story and questing but they can also establish their own city and tribe. It's possible to go to war against other tribes. Many unique creatures roam the world of Dark and Light. Players can tame these monsters and use them as battle companions and mounts. More than 50 types of monsters can be found in jungles, swamps, mountains, plains or volcanoes. Dungeons and PvP are also on game's activity list. Dark and Light can be found on Steam.

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