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  • Cube World: pets

    Cube World: pets
    Tavel alongside your pet as you fight monsters or ride them to get across the land faster....
    Cube World: pets

    Cube World: explore

    Cube World: explore
    Exploring the different environment is half the fun of the game....
    Cube World: explore

    Cube World: travel

    Cube World: travel
    Discover many diffrent ways to get yourself across the land such as hang gliding or boat riding....
    Cube World: travel

    Cube World: travelers

    Cube World: travelers
    On your adventure you will meet npcs or other people online while you run around slaying monsters or just exploring....
    Cube World: travelers

Cube World Gameplay First Look - HD

Cube World Gameplay First Look - HD

Adventure in endless number of randomly generated worlds in Cube World, the virtual world mmo developed by Picroma. This game is a true sandbox game where there are no artificial borders and players have no level limit. Created by a husband and wife team, this game is playable both online and offline.

What sets Cube World apart is the total freedom that it gives the player. Each world is randomly created using a seed number that the player chooses. The game then creates the virtual world procedurally, resulting in an endless world as players will never reach a border. This means that the player is able to continually explore new landscapes all the time. As each seed number creates the exact same world, friends can share their worlds by giving them their seeds. For multiplayer, there's a separate server application used to host those games that can be run on dedicated servers or on private computers. This application also allows for online and LAN multiplayer for up to four players.

There are a multitude of landscapes for the player to explore in Cube World. There are greenlands, snowlands, deserts, jungles, lava lands, and oceans. Each landscape has its own theme and climate and is filled with caves, rivers, mountains, forests, dungeons, villages, monsters, and more. Players can explore anywhere they wish, using skills like climbing, diving, swimming, sailing, and hand gliding to move wherever they wish, if they have the skill enough to do it. Every day, new missions become available for players to undertake in this mmorpg. There are also dungeons and ruins that players can explore for treasure, but they're guarded by a boss monster.

There are four classes for the player to choose from in this mmo: warrior, ranger, mage, and rogue. Each class can also specialize by taking one of two different specializations available. Each character has a skill tree, which points are assigned to when reaching a new level. One aspect of the unique gameplay of Cube World is that there is no maximum level for the character of the skills. This doesn't mean that a character can become all powerful as progression is scaled tangentially, which means that the power of a character is always between 1 and 100. The higher the player's score, the closer it is to the theoretical 100, but it's impossible for the player to actually reach the upper limit of 100. This means that there's no level cap, so there's always a reason to keep playing. Factor in that every landscape generates creatures and dungeons evenly in all power ranges (from 1 to 100), there'll always be monster to fight and dungeons to explore that correspond to the player's power level.

Cube World is prepared to put sandbox virtual world gaming on its head. Combat is not target locked, so players will need to use skill to be victorious. There are currently eight different races that are playable, with more planned in future updates. There is a full crafting system in place along with weapon customization. Finally, there are pets that can accompany a player and assist them in combat. Most of the animals and some of the monsters can be tamed, and there is no limit to the number of pets that a player can have. However, they can only have one active at a time. Pets can range in their uses, such as acting as a tank while another heals while yet another serves as a mount. In an all, players can explore forever and never worry about hitting a level cap in the virtual world mmo of Cube World.

By Jeff Francis

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