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Creativerse Gapmeplay First Look - HD

Creativerse Gapmeplay First Look - HD

Creativerse is a fantasy MMO virtual game developed and published by Playful Corporation. Players find themselves trapped in a peculiar universe inhabited by all sorts of monsters. Their mission is to explore this world, to unearth its treasures and to team up with friends against mysterious enemies. Creativerse invites players to explore the strange game world. Diverse environments with unique landscapes create a mesmerizing world. High mountains, dark catacombs, lush forests, dry deserts, swamp areas and lakes of fire await brave explorers. Each location hides secrets and rewards. Precious crafting materials are to be found all over the world. Players must be ready to face dangers as monsters won't part with their treasures without a serious fight. Creativerse also has sandbox features. A complex crafting system is part of the game.

Reshaping the game world is a core gameplay feature. Creativerse offers players multiple ways to alter the surroundings. The game world is voxel based. There is a huge selection of building materials that can be used to create all sorts of items. Tools to help with the creation process must be designed. Many recipes are available. There are also rare schematics that give players the chance to create special items. Creativerse also has other features like monster taming and farming. No matter how complex the crafting system may be it has to be easy to use. Virtual games online rely on crafting so creators have to come up with intuitive systems. Players will find a simple interface that shows the crafting blueprints. There are different crafting branches and players can specialize in one of them by simply creating items of that type. This is similar to the leveling up system. The game provides plenty of single player fun but to discover its full potential players are encouraged to team up. Stalking beasts with a bunch of friends makes the time pass faster. Impressive structures can be built by a team of players. Developers thought of an easy multiplayer system so players can join their friends worlds in no time. Password protected private Creativerse servers are on the features list as well.

Sandbox doesn't mean that players won't have to fight. Different kinds of monsters roam the virtual worlds of Creativerse. Every creature has its own combat strategy. Those who have the misfortune to lose a fight will find their valuables stored in death statues. A teleportation system provides players with an easy way of exploring the Creativerse world. Skilled craftsmen can build teleporters. The developers are keeping the game fresh with new content added each month. Creativerse is a free game available on Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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