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  • Club Penguin: coffee house

    Club Penguin: coffee house
    Head to the coffee house to play games, hang out with other caffeine addicts, or visit 'Ye Olden Library'....
    Club Penguin: coffee house

    Club Penguin: mini games

    Club Penguin: mini games
    Club Penguin is full of mini games like this one. The object is to catch bags full of coffee beans. Our poor penguin cannot carry ...
    Club Penguin: mini games

    Club Penguin: places

    Club Penguin: places
    There are tons of dozens of places to visit or shop at with your hard earned coins....
    Club Penguin: places

    Club Penguin: character

    Club Penguin: character
    Setting up an account for Club Penguin is easy for anyone. Just choose a name, a color, and login info. Children will have to have...
    Club Penguin: character

Club Penguin is a popular kiddy MMORPG from Disney. It is a virtual world where kids can play a variety of fun browser games and hang out to meet friends. While the game is meant for children, more than a few adults also jump into Club Penguin. These include parents who want to spend gaming time with their kids, or adults who simply want to waddle in the fun penguin world. Club Penguin first asks players to create a penguin character, with basic color and naming options, which will serve as their avatar. The first page asks players to submit a parent’s e-mail address, one of many supervision features included in Club Penguin. Parents feel comfortable allowing their kids to play in Club Penguin because of the safe chat options that screen out inappropriate language, and the active monitoring service from live moderators.

Club Penguin is free to play with no download required, with an option for paid membership. Club Penguin members get access to all the game levels (non-members can only play up to a certain point), can adopt pets, can decorate their igloo home, and customize their penguin avatars with custom clothing. It’s true that Club Penguin members enjoy far more privileges, but even non-members can find some cool things to do. New mini-games are added constantly to Club Penguin and there are plenty of social activities like scheduled parties to join. Club Penguin encourages exploration and participation, giving rewards for trying out new games and joining in on the group fun.

There are two types of games in Club Penguin. The single-player games range from surfing in Catchin’ Waves to collecting berries in Pufflescape. The multi-player games are competitive games, like an exciting match of Hockey or a think battle of Find Four. While Club Penguin might not have as many mini-games as the likes of Neopets, the several dozen that it has are very easy, enjoyable and age-appropriate. The more games you play in Club Penguin, the more coins you earn. These coins can be spent on in-game items, mostly Club Penguin accessories, clothing and igloo decorations. Igloos are a point of pride for many Club Penguin players, and kids have been known to ask their parents to subscribe and spend so they can unlock special aesthetic options. Club Penguin can be run on a PC, a Mac or Linux OS computer.

By Rachel Rosen


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