Four Battle Classes trooping to Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures

By Michael Jamias
clone wars adventures battle classes

Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures will be introducing four new Battle Classes, including Jedi, Trooper, Mercenary and the Sith.

According to this fan coverage of the panel hosted by Clone Wars Adventures developers Todd Carson and Kelsey McNair, Battle Classes will improve as players progress in the minigame-filled virtual world. No level cap has been revealed so far, and some Battle Classes might be restricted to subscribers only.

To accommodate the arrival of Battle Classes, the current MMO interface might be expanded to be able to fit in more Force and Battle Class abilities, including Force Lightning and Force Healing.

The introduction of Battle Classes could be seen as a way to better enmesh Clones Wars Adventures to the Clone Wars animated television series.  It’s no secret that fans of the former are also viewers of the latter, and vice versa, so strengthening the elements between the two could lead to better crossover fandom.

More information about the Battle Classes will be unveiled in the coming days. Producer Todd Carson, lead designer Justin Dazet and Senior Artists Kasey Helms will be hosting a Twitch TV webcast tomorrow, August 27, 4:00PM PDT to talk about the new feature and how this will shape the sci-fi virtual game.


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