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    Cartoon Universe : screenshot 1
    Cartoon Universe : screenshot 1

Cartoon Universe is a free-to-play online game where kids can hang out, have fun playing mini-games and make friends with other tots. Like most virtual worlds for children, Cartoon Universe is bursting with colors and animation effects. Logging into Cartoon Universe, kids get to meet and interact with the timeless cartoon icons of two Warner Bros. franchises, such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck from The Looney Tunes Show, as well as the mystery-busting gang in Scooby Doo! These friendly toons pop in and out to give friendly advice on how to make your way through the virtual world. Sometimes though they just want to say hi. The bubbly companions in Cartoon Universe help make the virtual world come alive with a genuinely humorous personality.

After starting the game and creating a character avatar, there is an opening story that sets the zany mood of Cartoon Universe. The looks of each avatar can be customized by wearing spiffy outfits earned while playing mini-games. Additional costume pieces are given out to those who spend time exploring the game’s every nook and cranny. Solving puzzles that pop up can also reward cool items. Mini-games, places and puzzles are being added on regular basis to keep things fresh. Story cut scenes are also generously planted throughout the game universe and are always a pleasurable break from the routine clicking. Mini-games are easy and require little coordination skill, if any. But what they lack in overall difficulty – which is perfectly understandable since it must be easy enough for toddlers to finish – they certainly make up for in visual appeal. Cartoon Universe has a wonderful 3D style that looks great on most browsers. In fact, kids at heart who grew up watching The Looney Tunes Show and Scooby Doo! on television might even be tempted to traipse through Cartoon Universe to catch up with the childhood buddies.

A quick reminder though for parents. Kids below 16 can enter this wacky universe of fun, but you will want to be around to help set up the account of your youngsters. There will also be tips on how to ensure you child has a safe and enjoyable play experience. While the adventures and play content in Cartoon Universe were designed to be safe enough for kids, you should still probably spend a good number of hours supervising the playtime. This will help you get comfortable leaving your offspring to tag along with Bugs Bunny unsupervised.

By Rachel Rosen

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