ArcheAge Makes an Impression at E3, Releases New Gameplay Video

By Josh Wirtanen
ArcheAge Releases New Gameplay Video

With E3 2013 in the rear view mirror, those of us who write about video games finally have time to sit back and process the overwhelming amount of stuff we saw this year. With that in mind, it seems that ArcheAge, the upcoming crafting-centered MMORPG being brought over from Korea by the folks at Trion Worlds, has made quite an impression.

And all the hype is well deserved. We stopped by Trion's private meeting room during our time at E3 this year and got to see a bit of what the game has to offer. We certainly didn't leave unimpressed, as everything from the basic concept to the beautiful artwork was done exceptionally well.

This fantasy MMORPG is just jam-packed with cool little features, like cat people, naval warfare, castle-building, and the ability to harvest cow poo to fertilize your crops. (We're actually serious about that last part.) ArcheAge just screams innovation, and we can hardly wait to dip our feet into the game's beta when that launches.

In celebration of all the goodwill and general happiness ArcheAge has been bringing to us, Trion has released a video of the E3 gameplay demo, which should give you a basic idea of what to expect when the game arrives on Western shores. Check that out below, and expect a full writeup of our E3 ArcheAge experience soon.


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