ArcheAge set to launch in NA, Europe in 2014

By Michael Jamias
archeage launch date

If you were planning on splurging all your cash on other mmo games, because hey, ArcheAge won't be launching soon, well here's a heads up -- the Korean-developed sandbox virtual game is releasing in the West this year.

ArcheAge community manager Scapes mentioned the ArcheAge 2014 launch window for the NA and Europe regions while talking about the early supporter and closed alpha plans.

"While the tech work continues, the team is also finalizing plans for 'early supporter' pre-launch packages slated to be introduced during this timeframe and available for the duration of closed beta, leading into launch later this year," the community said, who had been just appointed by Trion Worlds, the American developer in charge of bringing over the title to Western shores.

Trion Worlds has already begun the Friends and Family alpha. But any mmo fan will tell you those initial private alpha phases can stretch for quite awhile, so a 2015 launch date always seemed like a possibility.

But now that we have a ArcheAge 2014 launch target, expect the beta wheels to come sooner than later. A 15-minute press demo has already been assembled to be shown to the hard-to-please videogame press, so it's safe to say that there's been a fair amount of English localization and translation done.

Scapes further noted that Trion Worlds and XLGames want ArcheAge to launch as a free to play mmo, so expect gameplay deviations from the Korean original such as racial quests granting experience.


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