As ArcheAge Korea goes F2P, Western version could launch as freemium game

By Michael Jamias
archeage korea free western version freemium

The fantasy virtual worlds game is dropping subscriptions altogether in favor of premium memberships for its Korean version. broke the news that ArcheAge Korea will be taking on a new free to play model. Subscriptions and time cards will no longer be sold starting July 3. Instead, the developers will be launching two new premium packages for 30 and 90 days. These premium packages provide big in-game perks such as the privilege to own a house and garde, and bonus buffs and items.

The 30-day premium package has been priced at roughly $17.50, while the 90-day premium package will cost around $42.

ArcheAge Korea fans will also have to start shelling out cash for new paid services like character name change, cosmetic makeovers, and server transfers.

What will this mean for the Western release of ArcheAge. Many are now speculating that the stateside version will launch with the same freemium model albeit with more competitive pricing for its premium packages.

It should be noted though that ArcheAge is being released in the West by Trion Worlds, whose experience in running other free mmorpg titles like Rift and Defiance should come in handy should the game launch as a free to play mmo in the West. (Trion Worlds has not yet set a launch date.)


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