ArcheAge housing preview shows complex home-building process

By Michael Jamias
archeage housing preview

If there's one thing we took away from the 19-minute ArcheAge housing preview below, it's that only the most hardworking can hope to build their own home in this fantasy virtual world.

To own a house in ArcheAge requires you to have patron status. You also need to spend a lot of time and resources to build a house. You even have to pay taxes to keep it protected from pillaging rivals.

When you don't pay taxes you are given a grace period of two weeks after which other players can attack the house, destroy it and lose access to the land. This should give every incentive to keep on playing ArcheAge and have enough mmo currency to pay the taxes.

A small consolation is that the house blueprints and other purchased items will be returned to you, but the building materials and other non-returnable baubles will be gone forever.

But houses should be worth all the trouble, giving you a space to decorate to your heart's content and also grow plants and livestock.

The biggest innovation we see with ArcheAge housing is how intricately they have integrated the system to farming and crafting features, making them really valuable for a wide variety of players.


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