Watch how dolphin riding works in this ArcheAge footage

By Michael Jamias
archeage dophin riding video

ArcheAge is nowhere near arriving in the West, but we can't help but marvel at its dolphin riding feature.

This dolphin riding video recorded by a Korean ArcheAge player takes us through the exhilarating experience of clinging onto a dolphin fin and traveling underwater in this gorgeous fantasy virtual world.

While watching the footage, we got the distinct impression that riding one of these marine mammals is more akin to riding a raging bull what with all the rocking and swaying that's going on. Not to mention those acrobatic leaps and flips through the air!

Dolphins will also have a few skills that can be used. We can't understand Korean, but the video suggests these will let you control the actions and travel speed of your dolphin pal.

We also see the player open up a map to reveal that dolphin mounts can be used to travel to and from island destinations, suggesting that it may be the main form of underwater transportation in the MMO.

Aside from the fascinating dolphin riding, the video also reveals the mesmerizing underwater movements and graphics we can expect when ArcheAge hits stateside. And we feel that the sooner the better because those dolphins are impossibly adorable!


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