Here's an early guide to ArcheAge classes and crafting

By Michael Jamias
archeage classes crafting guides

Over the weekend, we learned a lot more about how ArcheAge classes and crafting will work with developers posting feature guides covering both topics.

ArcheAge strays from the formulaic class system found in other mmo games where you pick one and then specialize. Instead, you start the game with the choice of choosing three skillsets out of a pool of ten. Your chosen skillsets will then determine your class name, for a total of 120 possible and uniquely-named class combinations

For example, choosing bard skills, dual-wield melee and archery will make your a Bloodskald class.

This system lets you choose the right class that fits your preferred combat playstyle. Are you the type who likes to fight up close, at a distance, or maybe you want to play a more supportive role?

The three skillsets are unlocked progressively starting at level 1, then 5, then 10. Then if you want to swap out a skillset -- maybe because you didn't like it or your preferred combat playstyle has changed -- then you just pay gold to reset and become a different class.

Meanwhile, developers also shed light on the ArcheAge crafting system and how it will synergize with character progression. If you want to level exclusively through crafting instead of fighting monsters, then go ahead, the game allows you to choose your own progression path.

From the details, we see that crafting will be a very big part of how you develop your character. There are multiple specializations, so you can focus on creating combat essentials like potions and gear enhancement stones, or go the artsy route and compose music that may even become renowned throughout the virtual world.


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