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archeage ascension
Typically, the role of a hero in any mmo is split one of a few ways. You either play as a standard, ground level troop, a leader, or some form of grand dictator. Rather uniquely, in Archeage, you're a bit of all of the above. Whether you want to fight alone, as part of a team or running a wider kingdom, Archeage has got you covered. This week, with the rollout of Archeage: Ascension, also known as "update 2.9", a host of new features have entere...
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Jun 01 2016
Is ArcheAge chat censorship right?
One aspect of mmorpg games that players tend to forget is that they're supposed to be fun. There's a reason why mmos are called games, and many players do log in to have a good time and escape the problems of the real world for a blessed few hours. Yet many games feature chat channels that are the equivalent of the WWE or UFC as players rage against one another on a variety of topics. Some games are considered worse than others...cough...League o...
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May 27 2016
archeage censorship
More and more frequently, we're seeing mmo developers and publishers taking up the pitchfork and deciding to tackle the "toxic" behavior of their communities, but is it really their job to do so? Whilst companies dedicate employees and entire projects to curbing the behavior of their players most mmo communities will agree that any improvement in a game's social dynamic will come mostly from the fans themselves. As much as it's a great, respons...
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May 20 2016
archeage ascension update city features
Build it, and they will come, and in the case of ArcheAge, you can now build grander cities and invite non-guild members to benefit from your flourishing town. The ArcheAge Ascension update makes good on its title, letting players build soaring castles to match their territorial ambitions.Guilds that own castles will have the most to thank for, receiving plenty of new buildings to construct and boost their economy. Not only will the buildings...
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May 09 2016
ArcheAge Ascension update release date announced
ArcheAge has posted the latest Producer's Letter on the state of the game and what players can look forward to in the near future. Merv Lee Kwai, Senior Producer for the virtual worlds mmo, has penned a lengthy post where he goes over recent updates, security changes, server status updates, current events, and more. The most interesting section of the Producer's Letter was that players got a firm date for the release of the ArcheAge Ascension upd...
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Apr 27 2016
Trion giving away five days of ArcheAge Patron time
Every person loves getting something for free, even online gamers. Players who log into the ArcheAge virtual worlds mmo this weekend will get some significant benefits for doing so. Trion Worlds has announced that they will give players a full five days of ArcheAge Patron time if they log into the game. The hope is that players will see the benefits of becoming a Patron and will then be willing to subscribe.To get the five days of ArcheAge Pa...
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Mar 25 2016
Are buy-to-play mmos becoming the new standard?
How much players have to pay in order to enjoy some online gaming has shifted dramatically over the years. When the modern mmorpg crawled out the proverbial MUD, players had to pony up a monthly subscription fee to enjoy some online adventuring. That revenue model held for over a decade before being swept away by the free-to-play tsunami. But it appears that the wind is shifting yet again as more games are being developed with a buy-to-play model...
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Mar 13 2016
archeage paid character transfer
If you were ever yearning to switch servers in ArcheAge, then a few more days of waiting will grant you reprieve with the launch of the paid character transfer on February 29. Details of the ArcheAge paid character transfer were unveiled yesterday by Trion Worlds, and there are quite a number of eligibility requirements your character needs to pass before being allowed to jump servers.For example, your character must not be online at the tim...
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Feb 26 2016
Entire ArcheAge guild banned over Leviathan exploit
To say that ArcheAge has had its share of problems since it launched is quite an understatement. There have been a large number of exploits and hacks associated with the virtual world mmo that range from getting first dibs on in-game property to teleports and speed hacks. The ban hammer has been swung a number of times before by Trion, but this latest banning is surely one to make players sit up and take notice. For the first time ever, Trion has...
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Feb 15 2016
archeage bloodsong update
ArcheAge starts off 2016 with a sinister tune through the release of the Bloodsong update. The ArcheAge Bloodsong update also known as Update 2.5 features the first puzzle-style dungeon in the mmorpg called Mistsong Summit.The mmo lore describes Mistsong Summit as the illusory paradise realm of the demigoddess Aria. But don't be fooled -- she's a predatory siren, draining the life force of heroes lured into her dream lair. The Mistsong Summ...
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Jan 27 2016