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    Archeage: store
    Archeage is a free to play game with an in game store and optional subscription. Most of the boosts have to do with crafting which...
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    Archeage: quest
    Players complete quests using the mini map or arrows at their character feet to explore low level areas and earn levels....
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    Archeage: class
    A character's class is a combination of 3 different skill. I chose a sorcerer first but my actual class will not be decided until ...
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    Archeage: combat
    Archeage uses a traditional tab target, third person combat system. Mounted abilities, collision detection, and chain triggered ef...
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ArcheAge Gameplay First Look - HD

ArcheAge Gameplay First Look - HD

ArcheAge is a fantasy virtual worlds MMORPG developed by XL Games and published by Trion Worlds. ArcheAge is powered by CryEngine3 and it’s designed to run exclusively on PC under Microsoft Windows. The developers call it a sandpark game, a new genre that mixes sandbox, open world and theme park features. ArcheAge world is immense and it’s divided into 3 main continents with oceans in between. To facilitate exploration, ArcheAge allows players to travel using almost anything you can think of. You can walk, swim, climb trees, use mounts and several types of boats. If you like the view from top, ArcheAge has gliders as flying mounts. Those who prefer to travel underwater have diving gear and gadgets. There are ArcheAge resources and treasures that can be gathered while diving. Cargo (goods, merchandise) can be transported using fixed paths like portals, air ships or ground vehicles.

Player housing is one of the most interesting and well designed ArcheAge features. Players don’t build houses in special instanced places. Houses can placed anywhere in the open world. ArcheAge has a good selection of available house items. Furniture and decorations are used to customize ArcheAge houses. One nice feature is that you can even open and close doors and windows. Players can plant crops and tend to animals. The ability to assault other players homes makes ArcheAge house system more exciting. There are fortifications that will help you protect your home. All virtual world games must have a complex crafting system that allows players to create the most diverse items. Gear and equipment, house decorations, buildings, food and even ships can be crafted using ArcheAge profession skills. ArcheAge has 2 types of pets: mounts and combat pets. Both gain XP, level up and improve their attributes. Pets can wear gear too.

The characters system is based on races and unique abilities. Each ArcheAge race has a unique trait. Nuians are brave leaders and skilled constructors. Elves are unmatched swimmers. Hariharan people get a boost for their gathering skills. Those who choose Ferre race will possess great agility. ArcheAge is one of the games on the MMORPG list that doesn’t have a fixed class system. By mixing talents and abilities players come up with their own classes. There are 120 possible class combos. When it comes to PvP, ArcheAge users can choose duels in the arena or massive open world battles. ArcheAge also supports castle siege fights. One unique ArcheAge feature is the jury system. Players can judge other players actions and even send them to jail. Imprisoned players can work, play soccer matches and plan a prison breakout. Players can interact with ArcheAge world using mobile devices like tablets or smartphones.

By Rachel Rosen


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