8BitMMO unveils Desktop Edition

By Michael Jamias
8bitmmo desktop edition

The indie sandbox game where you can build almost anything with itsy bitsy pixels has been primed for your desktop PC.

"Previously to play the game, users had to go through the somewhat tricky procedure of installing and configuring Java to run browser applets," explained 8BitMMO developer Archive Entertainment.

So voila, the 8BitMMO Desktop Edition was born, bundling the Java with the game executable. It's even built to keep the virtual game automatically updated. The end result: An easy peasy way of running the current version game from a simple click of a desktop shortcut.

The Desktop Edition not only makes playing the game more convenient, it's also packed with all the recent improvements to the free to play mmo such as a new leveling system, two new weapons, two new monsters, key-doors for dungeon creators to place, a friend list, among others.

So how do you get this nifty Desktop Edition?

There's no retail price for it yet. But fans who pledge at least $9.99 for the game's Mega Octoberbit Fundraiser will get guaranteed access to the Desktop Edition private beta, and presumably a copy of the final product once it's through testing.

The Mega Octoberbit Fundraiser intends to raise enough funds to expand the 8BitMMO server, which is beginning to feel cramped now it accommodates more than 75,000 registered players.

A Desktop Edition for the Mac will be developed if the stretch goals are met, while Linux will hinge on having enough fans demanding for it.


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