8BitMMO serenades you with chiptune music

By Michael Jamias
8bitmmo chiptune music

This latest 8BitMMO update is literally music to fans' ears: The game now has stellar chiptune tracks serving as background tunes.

For non-audiophiles, chiptune is also known chip music or 8-bit music, and is basically electronic music cobbled together from the sound of chips of vintage computers, video game consoles and arcade machines.

The new 8BitMMO music runs to about 82 minutes composed of tracks selected from across six chiptune albums:

1. Roots by Danimal Cannon
2. Parallel Processing by Danimal Cannon and Zef
3. BLUENOISE by ProtoDome
4. BLUESCREEN by ProtoDome
5. BLUESHIFT by ProtoDome
6. Take of the Rat King by Tom Miller

"The tracks played are dependent on the area you're in: Town areas will play more relaxed songs, Wilderness areas will play adventurous tracks, and PVP/PVE areas will play actionful combat music.  And when you level-up, there's a special track for that too!" said Archive Entertainment, the one-man indie mmo developer studio behind 8BitMMO by Robby Zinchak.

Players will also have the option to skip the current song by hovering over the music information box located at the top of the game screen. There are also options to modify music and sfx volumes via the Options menu, with custom settings persisting between virtual game sessions so you won't have to tinker with them with each login.


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