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8bitmmo launch
It was way back in 2001 when Robby Zinchak first started working on the sandbox game 8BitMMO and now, roughly 14 years later, it is graduating from Steam Early Access as a fully playable MMO.8BitMMO is now available to download for free via Steam or at the official website. This 8BitMMO launch version 1.0 includes the new new PvE/PvP mode called 'Transponders' and many other improvements since the title entered the Steam Early Acce...
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Jan 27 2015
8bitmmo chiptune music
This latest 8BitMMO update is literally music to fans' ears: The game now has stellar chiptune tracks serving as background tunes. For non-audiophiles, chiptune is also known chip music or 8-bit music, and is basically electronic music cobbled together from the sound of chips of vintage computers, video game consoles and arcade machines. The new 8BitMMO music runs to about 82 minutes composed of tracks selected from across six chiptune albums: ...
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Feb 08 2014
8bitmmo desktop edition
The indie sandbox game where you can build almost anything with itsy bitsy pixels has been primed for your desktop PC. "Previously to play the game, users had to go through the somewhat tricky procedure of installing and configuring Java to run browser applets," explained 8BitMMO developer Archive Entertainment. So voila, the 8BitMMO Desktop Edition was born, bundling the Java with the game executable. It's even built to keep the virtual game a...
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Oct 02 2013