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    8bit MMO: quest
    Complete quests by visiting the various dungeons to earn experience, gold, and items....
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    8bit MMO: combat

    8bit MMO: combat
    8bit MMO uses turn based movement and a simple combat system. The space bar allows players to attack with their equipped weapon....
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    8bit MMO: shop
    The shop lets players buy new items for gold. Players can buy new weapons or decorations for their home....
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    8bit MMO: home

    8bit MMO: home
    Buy, unlock, find and place items in your personal home. Players start off with just walls but can unlock more items in time....
    8bit MMO: home

8bitMMO Gameplay First Look - HD

8bitMMO Gameplay First Look - HD

8BitMMO is a free to play sandbox MMO developed and published by Archive Entertainment. Robby Zinchak, a former Microsoft, Capcom and Midway game producer, is the creative force behind this small indie studio. The top 3 game features are: persistent world, sandbox elements and player freedom. Everything you create is there to stay. You can even build an entire city. The world is just a blank canvas, it’s the players who design and create settlements. From windmills to giant dragon statues and castles, everything can be built.

Being the hero is one overused cliché in most computer games. There are some games that let you be the bad guy but still not enough to make a notable difference. In 8BitMMO you can be whatever you like, even a zombie. You can master the crafting skills and become a peaceful manufacturer. You can build your own city and run it as a mayor. It’s possible to surround your town with defensive structures and only allow your friends to enter. Mayors can create ranks to share responsibility with other town inhabitants. If you like fighting there’s nothing that stops you from engaging in PvP action. Arenas are places for PvP duels. Like all things in 8BitMMO, arenas are created by players. There are several PvP modes you can choose for your own arena. PvE fans will be most entertained when facing mobs like lawyer cats, hipsters or lobbyist slugs. Prison masters can trap these poor creatures into player created dungeons.

8BitMMO is one of the virtual games online with a humorous setting. Being a zombie sounds fun but it’s actually hard work. You need to feed on brains that you acquire from fellow players. The good part is that you don’t need to face consequences for stealing brains because players that lose their brains turn into zombies as well. Being a zombie is one way to stand out but if you’re the conservative type you can always choose to personalize your 8BitMMO character with accessories, outfits and a nice selection of crazy hats.

Players are welcome to post and share ideas about future game aspects. Some 8BitMMO features were actually suggested by members. 8BitMMO has premium items but they don’t affect game progression. It’s a free to play MMO and it runs under Windows, Mac or Linux. The first thing players notice about 8BitMMO is the art style. The game has classic retro pixelated 2D graphics. Games like Minecraft taught us that it’s not the graphics that make the game so 8BitMMO shouldn’t be judged by its looks. Reputable gaming publications have praised 8BitMMO for its unique style, theme and original features.

By Rachel Rosen


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