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  • 5Street: char

    5Street: char
    5Street is more of a social and party style MMO. I need to get my character ready to dance rather than prepare for combat....
    5Street: char

    5Street: dance

    5Street: dance
    Dancing appears to play like Guitar Hero and other music games. Use the keyboard to hit arrow keys at the right time. I just could...
    5Street: dance

    5Street: store

    5Street: store
    Head to the store buy new clothes. You can't exactly dance in the same getup all of the time!...
    5Street: store

    5Street: home

    5Street: home
    Home, sweet home. I have a great view, TV, computer, and overall a great looking apartment....
    5Street: home

5street Gameplay

5street Gameplay

5street, also known as ShowUp, is a rhythm mmorpg for Microsoft Windows, developed and published by Snail Games. 5street aims to be more than a dancing online game. It has a high level of visual character customization and social features like in game marriages and player housing. 5street is super popular in China but it has a fan base in US and Europe as well. 5street can be played as a virtual worlds mmo or as a dancing rpg. The game controls are easy to learn. Players need to press the correct keys that show up on the display screen. The trick is to get the right order and unlock cool dance moves and combos. The more difficult your moves are, the better the rewards. Dancing sequences have increasing difficulties and if you mess up, you need to start from the beginning.

5street avatars have a huge virtual wardrobe with thousands of outfits. There are various clothing fashion styles and trends. You can even create your own style. There is a random match clothing feature. Every player will own a house in 5street virtual world. There aren't many ways to personalize 5street homes but it's a popular feature among those who are more interested in the social aspect of 5street. Pets are also part of 5street virtual world. There are lots to choose from and each one has an original and sometimes a bit uncommon look. 5street offers several PvP options called battle modes. There are more than 10 battle modes. Players can compete 1 vs. 1 or team up. The dancing sequences are harder in battle modes. The dancing hall feature is for when you'd rather join them than fight them. The dancing hall supports up to 100 players dancing altogether. Dancing is possible in any part of 5street world. Even when not in a dance hall or room, players can walk up to each other and start dancing.

Contrary to what one might expect from a rhythm mmo, 5street gameplay is not all about dancing. Players can just wonder 5street virtual game and interact with each other. Dressing up your avatar is just as important as dancing in 5street mmo. Guilds (or families) are another social feature of 5street. The in game shop has most unique outfits. The disadvantage is that you will have to spend real money if you really want to stand out from the crowd. A Superman costume doesn't come for free. Accessories are not left out. 5street is free to download and play and all game areas can be accessed by free and paying members as well.

By Rachel Rosen

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