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    Zone 4: world
    The explorable world looks like a 3D side scrolling game. It is an RPG so we will be working on our character through quests and c...
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    Zone 4: character
    Here is our hero, MMOBrawler, in all of his glory. You can only create 4 characters at first....
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    Zone 4: matches
    Join quick matches to complete quests, learn the game, and get bonuses from your PvP quests. It looks like we are, by far, the low...
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    Zone 4: Critical
    Right out of an old Batman comic. Only instead of 'BAM!' we get a 'Critical'. At least we helped drop her once!...
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Zone 4 Gameplay

Zone 4 Gameplay

Zone 4: Fight District is a PvP arena combat orientated free MMORPG available on the popular OGPlanet gaming portal. Zone 4: Fight District is based around the Free Fighting Championships (FFC), an event that attracts the top martial artists from around the globe. Gambling, drugs and corruption has ruined the reputation of the once famous competition, and it's up to you to restore honor in the best way you can, by beating it into your opponents.

Zone 4: Fight District offers great customization options during character creation. You begin with a basic model of a fighter but can change and edit many different aspects to make your combatant unique. You can change gender, size, skin color and tone as well as more clothing related options such as headgear and shirts. As you earn money through victories you can purchase more clothing items to add even more depth to your character, eventually creating your perfect street fighter.

Combat is the primary focus of Zone 4: Fight District, which is real-time and combo based. The combat can be compared to console classics such as Street Fighter and Tekken. There are 8 possible combat styles, each separated into 2 categories, Street and Rush. Street classes focus on combinations and keeping their opponents airborne long enough to do devastating damage, there are various fighting styles available in the Street category such as Taekwondo and Muay Thai. Rush is more of a brawler combat set, featuring more grappling and wrestling techniques including styles such as Judo and Sambo. Every fighting style in Zone 4: Fight District is based on a real-life martial arts, which means you'll probably recognize some of the great abilities from your favorite martial arts movies.

Zone 4: Fight District is all about PvP and the game offers a large variety of game modes and maps to fight on. You can participate in everything from 3v3 street brawls to massive fights in 16v16 turf wars. There are a number of PvE options such as arcade, although these are mainly used to earn in-game currency to purchase better gear for your PvP fighter. Zone 4: Fight District offers some of the best real-time combat available in today's MMO RPG games and is one of the few titles that boasts a fast-paced beat 'em up combat system.

By Rachel Rosen

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