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Zombidle: REMONSTERED is an idle clicker RPG developed and published by Berzerk Studio. It's a game that mixes fantasy and humor with casual gameplay. There is no lore behind the game but the story has a humorous twist. Instead of being the heroes tasked with saving the world, players will be the villains that plague the realm of Goodlandia and its innocent inhabitants. Bob the necromancer is the main character. Zombidle: REMONSTERED players will side with him and help him torment Goodlandia's citizens in inconceivable ways. Bob might be evil but he is also greedy. He wouldn't do all the despicable things he does just for the fun of it. Zombidle: REMONSTERED players will discover that torturing the innocent is a well paid job.

Players take control of Bob and help him acquire currency that is used to increase his destructive powers. Zombidle: REMONSTERED uses a few types of currency. Skulls are the most common kind. They are acquired just by destroying structures like homes, barns, farmhouses and such. Blood stones are used to recruit demons. Just like free to play MMO games, Zombidle: REMONSTERED uses premium currency. Diamonds are acquired with real money and spent for all sorts of upgrades. Small amounts of diamonds can be acquired by viewing ads. Orbs, another type of currency, are used to boost damage. The gameplay is simple and the game is practically playing by itself. Bob's minions are continuously smashing buildings and earning skulls. He will not do anything unless instructed by the player. Bob will destroy buildings, kill villagers and take part in boss battles as long as players are clicking their mouse button. The whole point of the game is to acquire skulls that are spent to level up, to increase damage and to upgrade minions. Zombies and other undead minions will lend a helping hand. In order to upgrade Bob and his minions, players will have to spend skulls. Levels are also bought with skulls. Zombidle: REMONSTERED has some simple role playing features. Players can unlock talents for Bob and his army. These talents are available at certain levels.

There are no quests or missions. Players job is straightforward. They must click, destroy, get currency and spend it on upgrades. Zombidle: REMONSTERED has another MMORPG feature. It has an achievements system. For example, one achievement increases DPS when players get a certain number of diamonds. Zombidle: REMONSTERED can be played on various devices. It's available as a browser game from the official website. Players don't need to have an account, they can play as guests but their progress won't be saved. Apps for iOS and Android are available as well. The PC version is found on Steam. Multiplayer and cross platform interaction are supported. Zombidle: REMONSTERED is a free game with microtransactions.

By Rachel Rosen

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