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  • Zero Online: mission list

    Zero Online: mission list
    You can use your mission journal to find quest objectives and 'auto pilot' to NPCs....
    Zero Online: mission list

    Zero Online: combat

    Zero Online: combat
    Click on monsters to go into combat mode and kill them. These level 1 bots are no threat to me....
    Zero Online: combat

    Zero Online: mall

    Zero Online: mall
    The in game mall lets you buy and unlock items more quickly....
    Zero Online: mall

    Zero Online: objectives

    Zero Online: objectives
    Some quest objectives need to be 'found' without auto pilot. And make sure you have room in your cabin for any items that you pick...
    Zero Online: objectives

Zero Online Gameplay

Zero Online Gameplay

Zero Online is a free to play, mech themed science fiction MMORPG hosted on the popular gaming portal. Zero Online does not restrict players to traditional MMORPG classes, instead you're given you own high-tech weapon to pilot. Earth is under threat and this new technology is all that stands in the way of humanities extinction, you must use your wits and powerful mech units to protect humanity.

Although Zero Online offers players the opportunity to pilot technologically advanced mech units, the game also adds further depth by including a transformation system. Once players reach level 130 they can unlock various transformation states for their mech unit using the rare, Rose Quartz. The mechs transformation capabilities vary greatly and include everything from a giant gun, to a flame fueled dinosaur. Each transformation has access to it's own unique abilities and individual progression path, making it one of the most expansive character systems to date.

Another unique feature to Zero Online is the share experience points function. Every player in-game must earn experience points in order to progress, the more experience points they earn, the higher the level they become. If you add other players to your friends list you're automatically rewarded with a certain percentage of their experience points. This allows popular players to make loads of friends, making questing and PvP easier but also having a direct effect on the players progression through the game.

Zero Online includes a host of other exciting features for the MMO RPG genre. The PvP system is arguably one of the most in-depth available. Players earn points for player kills and get rewarded with various items and experience points. The more players you kill, the more dangerous you become. Players can evaluate your PvP potential by checking your PvP status which is represented by a certain color. The higher your rank, the more rewards you receive if you're victorious and the more loot you lose if you're defeated.

By Rachel Rosen

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