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Wynncraft is a free MMORPG developed and published by an indie team. It's actually a free Minecraft server with its own gameplay and rules that are different from the original game. Wynncraft is perfect for new players that want a guided experience in the Minecraft world and also for veterans that want to play a MMORPG within Minecraft. Everything in the game was created using Minecraft tools and features. Wynncraft has a huge map, character classes, quests and content designed for massive player interaction. The world has four main areas or provinces. Wynn is the starting area for new players. As soon as adventurers make themselves acquainted with the game, they are encouraged to leave the training zone and discover the world.

Four classes are available. Wynncraft has RPG character system. Players pick a class, level it with quests and other activities, and use class specific combat abilities. Warriors are the best class in terms of defense. They can also crowd control enemies. Mages offer group support through healing but they are also good damage dealers. Archers are a class that specializes in ranged damage. Assassins are melee fighters who use stealth techniques. Archers and assassins are pure DPS classes so players who choose one of these two shouldn't expect to have too many defensive or support abilities. Quests are an important part of the game. There are more than 100 quests and each one tells a tale from the Wynncraft world. A quest can have multiple sub-tasks and the content creation team is permanently adding more activities so players will have plenty of things to do. Experience and rewards are acquired from questing. Players will start with basic equipment and upgrade it as soon as they find better weapons and armor. This shouldn't be too hard considering there are lots of activities that reward gear. Wynncraft monsters can be found on the open map and in dungeons. Bosses are hard to defeat so players will need to team up. The best loot is obtained when killing bosses.

Players can join a guild or create one. Wynncraft allows level 40+ characters to become guild leaders. Guilds level up as well just like characters. When a guild member earns XP, a part of it goes to the guild. Territories are areas controlled by guilds. PvP wars break out between guilds for territory domination. The game is a free to play MMO but players will first need Minecraft to access the Wynncraft server. An in game store sells premium items that are used for cosmetic customization and to boost XP gain rate. Players can stay up to date with news by following Wynncraft on social networks and by checking the official website.

By Rachel Rosen

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