Wurm Online version 1.1 burrows out tomorrow

By Michael Jamias
wurm online version 1 1 release

Wurm Online heats up the summer gaming scene with its version 1.1 update scheduled to go live tomorrow, June 18.

Filled with performance enhancements and new features, Wurm Online 1.1 should make the game look sleeker, less laggy and more immersive.

Performance enhancements to the sandbox online rpg will include graphics cards improvements leading to improved frame rates and better overall performance. Numerous game bugs have also been squashed, developers confirmed in a new blog post.

To take advantage of these performance improvements, designers also created several new creature models and animations and a "paper-doll window" for equipping armor.

In terms of new features, mmorpg fans can look forward to building grander houses with new house extensions and fence types. Adventurers can also now take the path of mysticism to become a sorcerer. The existing foraging and botanising systems, which have proven to be quite uwieldy, have both been overhauled.

New music tracks are also set to go live, and will fill adventurers' ears with new beats while exploring the vast world of Wurm Online.

The hefty additions in version 1.1 are the result of more than half a year of work among Wurm Online developers, and builds on the last update delivered December last year.


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