Wurm Online Update 1.2 features confirmed

By Michael Jamias
wurm online update 1 2 features

Wurm Online Update 1.2 goes live on February 18, and we now have a full list of confirmed features in this hefty content release.

Wagons, ship carriers and crates will be arriving in the sandbox mmo. Improvements will also be rolled out on many important systems, namely those for crafting, inventory and invite command.

A big focus for Update 1.2 seems to be to aid newer players without stifling their freedom to explore and strike their own path through the Wurm Online world. Fans will also have to watch out for new threats such as the Avatar of Libila and the humongous Kyklops shown in this post's photo thumbnail.

Drag and drop functionality skips the tedious process of having the transferred item go through inventory first. This allows for a more convenient item management system like what you'll see in other mmorpg games.

New players who often fumble with the Wurm Online controls now get helpful notifications. Tutorial and help messages will now pop up during situations and conditions that may require that extra bit of guidance from the developers. For reference, players can review past tips through a library tome called Book of Wisdom.

The world and island maps can be filled with player-written annotations for either the author's personal use or to share with other people of the same village. The system reminds us of the note system in multiplayer action rpg games like Dark Souls that allows a player to leave a tip in one point of the map to build goodwill and cooperation across the community.


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