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By Tam Mageean
wurm online mega

Attention all Wurm Online fans; your services are needed because tomorrow, Code Club AB will be unleashing their new, concept, Mega Server upon the community.

From 2200 CEST tomorrow, the Mega Server will be put through its paces, to test its capability. The new Wurm Online Mega Server is going to be 16 times the size of Wurm Online's current, largest servers, so they need all the help they can get to push its boundaries.

The test will run for one hour only, and the database will be wiped after the test, so get on and cause as much carnage as possible!

On top of this, the developers will be letting loose 50,000 creatures in the expanded virtual world, which they promise will be 4096 (64 x 64) square kilometers of non-instanced, fully modifiable, living terrain; larger than any fully modifiable map in any other MMO.

Wurm Online Mega Server

Keep an eye on Wurm Online's twitter and news feeds for the client link, which will be posted 30 mins before the test begins, and you'll be able to jump straight into the action, no registration required.

Provided the test goes as well as they hope, the Mega Server could be up and running, full time, in only a few weeks time.

If you'd rather watch than play, the test will be streamed live on the official Code Club Twitch channel too.


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