Wurm Online 1.0 Update Slithers in on December 6

By Michael Jamias
wurm online 1 0 update

After a decade of tinkering, the developers of Wurm Online have a tentative release date for its massive 1.0 update, pinning it down to December 6 this year.

Wurm Online 1.0 will change the face of the sandbox online rpg when it introduces multi-storey buildings and new character models with customizable face features, visible armour and proper bone structure.

“As you can see we use the normal house wall structure for this but you’ll also be able to add fences and normal walls, creating various sorts of balconies and ledges. This system will also be used when building bridges somehow, but it’s optional for the Wurm 1.0 release and will only be included if we find development time,” said the MMO’s developer team in a new blog post.

Wurm Online has gained somewhat of a cult following for its vast open world with players given the majority of control to shape the rpg world as they see fit. But the rollout of features has been relatively slow given the small number of developers working on the game.

Developers acknowledged that even with the release of the 1.0 update, “the game will still be far from finished but it will have a nice (huge) set of features which all come together in a very strong way.”


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