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wurm online steam
Recently we witnessed the announcement of Wurm Unlimited, a new evolution of Wurm Online, which is available to play from today. Wurm Online has a history of utilizing it's fan-base for support, most notably with its forum support and new starter peer system, where users have put in a significant amount of the leg work. In short, Wurm Online players know their mmorpg well - so well that the devs are comfortable to entrust then with just about an...
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Oct 21 2015
Why Wurm Unlimited being offline could be innovative
In the world of video games, the mmorpg is often cited as the pinnacle for both innovation and creating a virtual world of shared experiences. It is true that many single-player games are incredibly immersive and boast some amazing features, but the developers of those games get to focus on pleasing only one player at a time. There is no worry about class balance, PvP matchups, the in-game economy, and creating immersion for thousands, if not mil...
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Oct 14 2015
wurm online challenge mode
Imagine a massive 8x8 kilometer PvP server featuring the three kingdoms and a ruleset that allows you to loot fallen foes and friends alike while asking you to take part in a monthly challenge – that’s the crazy proposition of the new Wurm Online Challenge Mode, now available to play.With this set-up, caution and planning is basically thrown out of the window in favor of a fanatical obsession with meeting the requirements of the monthly chall...
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Dec 11 2014
wurm online unlimited
It's becoming more and more common to see standard rpg games and franchises venture from the safe, relatively predictable realm of single player gaming into the torrid seas of the mmo genre. What we don't typically see, however, is massively multiplayer titles travelling in the other direction and going offline. It's kind of like saying "we're removing a section of the game from you that basically gives you access to the entire planet". It's a bo...
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Sep 17 2015
wurm online mega
Attention all Wurm Online fans; your services are needed because tomorrow, Code Club AB will be unleashing their new, concept, Mega Server upon the community. From 2200 CEST tomorrow, the Mega Server will be put through its paces, to test its capability. The new Wurm Online Mega Server is going to be 16 times the size of Wurm Online's current, largest servers, so they need all the help they can get to push its boundaries. The test will run for ...
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Apr 09 2014
wurm online ddos
This week, the Wurm Online forums have been sheerly electric with excitement over update 1.2, which promised a plethora of new content. Fans of the unique mmorpg were expecting to see new modes of transport, new user interfaces, new enemies, a smarter map system and so much more. Sadly, the update didn't get a chance to hit the ground running, and was instantly crippled by a fatal DDOS attack from a hacker, whom presently remains anonymous. DD...
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Feb 20 2014
wurm online update 1 2 features
Wurm Online Update 1.2 goes live on February 18, and we now have a full list of confirmed features in this hefty content release. Wagons, ship carriers and crates will be arriving in the sandbox mmo. Improvements will also be rolled out on many important systems, namely those for crafting, inventory and invite command. A big focus for Update 1.2 seems to be to aid newer players without stifling their freedom to explore and strike their own path...
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Feb 07 2014
wurm online version 1 1 release
Wurm Online heats up the summer gaming scene with its version 1.1 update scheduled to go live tomorrow, June 18. Filled with performance enhancements and new features, Wurm Online 1.1 should make the game look sleeker, less laggy and more immersive. Performance enhancements to the sandbox online rpg will include graphics cards improvements leading to improved frame rates and better overall performance. Numerous game bugs have also been squashed...
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Jun 17 2013
wurm online 1 0 update
After a decade of tinkering, the developers of Wurm Online have a tentative release date for its massive 1.0 update, pinning it down to December 6 this year. Wurm Online 1.0 will change the face of the sandbox online rpg when it introduces multi-storey buildings and new character models with customizable face features, visible armour and proper bone structure. “As you can see we use the normal house wall structure for this but you’ll also be ab...
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Aug 24 2012