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  • Wurm Online: stances

    Wurm Online: stances
    Wurm Online is a sandbox style game, like Ultima Online. When in combat you can choose from one of several fighting styles....
    Wurm Online: stances

    Wurm Online: tutorial

    Wurm Online: tutorial
    The tutorial will teach you the basic game mechanics. Hit the 'Show Instructions' button to see the next step of the tutorial....
    Wurm Online: tutorial

    Wurm Online: skills

    Wurm Online: skills
    Wurm Online uses a skill system rather than level based progression. As you use a skill, it will get better. You can focus in comb...
    Wurm Online: skills

    Wurm Online: crafting

    Wurm Online: crafting
    To craft an item start by double clicking on your tool. This makes it the active item. Then right click on the resource and go thr...
    Wurm Online: crafting

Wurm Online Gameplay

Wurm Online Gameplay

Wurm Online is a unique mmorpg, developed in Java by independent producers Markus Persson and Rolf Janson, and published by Onetoofree AB. Markus Persson is one of the Minecraft developers. Wurm Online has a sandbox type of gameplay. Everything in Wurm Online is created by players. There isn't a background story or a plot to follow. You can choose between PvE or PvP servers. On PvE servers you can focus more on your character. PvP servers are for those who prefer to battle other players. If you ever get bored of your server you can freely transfer to another one. There are no server type restrictions.

Wurm Online mmo doesn't have a race, faction or class system or quests to complete. The only thing you can choose is your gender and name. There are no visual customization options for your character. In fact, graphics are not an important feature in Wurm Online mmo. A new server starts as a blank drawing board that extends over 512 square kilometers. You are given the tools to create your own game world. Each item, whether it's a sword or a shovel, has a unique skill. The more you use that item the more skilled you become. This allows you to specialize in whatever items you like. There is a total of 133 skills. For instance, you can choose to play as a peaceful villager who is minding his crops and tends to his animals. You can mine for ores and explore underground caves. If you want a place to live you can build a house. A friend might decide to join and build a house next to you. If you get more players you can even start a village. You can improve it to evolve into a town. There are lots of ingredients that can be picked up and used for cooking. You can build furniture, weapons and lots more. You can also opt in for a more aggressive playstyle. There are dragons, trolls and other mobs to kill. You can gather friends and go to war with another village. Wurm Online has 4 deities and a religion system.

Wurm Online is not a classic mmorpg. This game will appeal to players that like to craft and make up their own rules. On the other hand, new players might find themselves lost. There is no NPC giving you directions or tasking you with quests. In Wurm Online free rpg you can go wherever your steps might carry you or mount a bear or a dragon.

By Rachel Rosen


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