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  • World Fishing Tour: character

    World Fishing Tour: character
    World Fishing Tour features a decent amount of customization for character creation....
    World Fishing Tour: character

    World Fishing Tour: fishing

    World Fishing Tour: fishing
    Go through the tutorial to learn how to fish. A simple matter of casting may take a few tries to those of who do not learn fast....
    World Fishing Tour: fishing

    World Fishing Tour: combat

    World Fishing Tour: combat
    World Fishing Tour is an MMO fishing game. But unlike a fishing 'simulation' game the actual fishing feels more like rpg combat....
    World Fishing Tour: combat

    World Fishing Tour: gold

    World Fishing Tour: gold
    Turn in undesired fish to fill up the delivery tank to earn extra gold....
    World Fishing Tour: gold

World Tour Fishing Gameplay First Look - HD

World Tour Fishing Gameplay First Look - HD

Hook the big one and become a sporting legend in World Tour Fishing, the fishing mmo. Developed by Justnine and published by GamesCampus, this game brings real world fishing to the computer. Players will be immersed in true life realism as they travel the globe to visit exotic locations to fish a large variety of fish species.

As in most mmo games, the player creates his own custom character in World Tour Fishing. Once he's done customizing his character, the player plays through the basic tutorial that neatly and concisely explains the basic mechanics of how to fish. Whether your passion is angling or deep sea fishing, the sky is the limit. Players are able to travel across the world and visit famous fishing spots across three continents: Asia, Europe, and North America. There are thousands of fish species to reel in and these fish aren't your cookie-cutter video game fish The fish species of World Tour Fishing is scientifically accurate to ensure that each fishing expedition will be unique.

The action of World Tour Fishing focuses on, not surprisingly, the physical act of fishing itself. The player has four main types of fishing equipment to use in the game: fishing poles, reels, line, and bait. There are many unique types of each piece of gear, and the savvy angler will know what piece of equipment to use and when to use it. The player begins by fishing from shore but will eventually graduate to using boats, which is vital as many fishing spots are only accessible by boats. The fishing mechanics in this sports mmorpg are truly accurate and are centered around the mouse. The player will need to cast the line, know when is the best time to hook their quarry, manage the line tension so as to not allow the fish to escape or have the line snapped, and keep track of other considerations, such as rod angle and stamina.

The fishermen of World Tour Fishing travel through a 3D world where players may have to scramble and jump to reach a particular fishing hole. Quests are given out by npcs, and as the character progresses through the game, more fishing locations open up. If competitive fishing is your game, then you can participate in daily and weekly tournaments for the ultimate in bragging rights. Players can also bask in their past glories through the use of their own customizable aquarium that houses rare and record-breaking fishes. Don't let the big one get away in this sports mmo.

By Jeff Francis

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