Anime-Themed High School Fleet Ships Cruise into World of Warships

By Jeff Francis
World of Warships High School Fleet ships

Some fans are hard pressed to find more ways to get anime into their lives, but fortunately for mmo players, World of Warships is offering a way to get some anime-inspired action while cruising the virtual seas of the online wargame. Players can now purchase the World of Warships High School Fleet ships that have just cruised into the game.

World of Warships High School Fleet

The two new World of Warships High School Fleet ships come with commanders and voices (commanders and executive officers) from the anime. The ships are the Tier VIII Japanese HSF Harekaze and the Tier VI German HSF Graf Spee. The Harekaze comes with three different hull options, giving players access to three unique gun layouts. The Harekaze also features the lowest detectability in her tier, which is matched only by her fellow Kagero-class destroyers. The Graf Spee is loaded for bear as she is loaded with the biggest guns of any cruiser in the game. She also is armed with secondaries and torpedoes that are outright brutal for her class and tier.

Players can choose to have their World of Warships High School Fleet ships boast an anime appearance or normal appearance. The commander of each ship can be swapped out as well if the player wants a lesser anime experience. There is some good and bad news for these new anime-themed warships for the mmorpg. The first is that players have a full year to purchase them as the store listings for the ships last until September 30th, 2018. The bad news is that they're not cheap. Bundles for the HSF Harekaze run from $43.99 to $74.00 while the HSF Graf Spee costs between $24.99 and $54.99. You can read all the info on the World of Warships High School Fleet ships here.


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