World of Warships releases cinematic trailer

By Michael Jamias
world of warships cinematic trailer

Witness an all-out aerial and sea battle erupt in this intense World of Warships cinematic trailer.

The almost two-minute video focuses on an explosive clash between the United States and Imperial Japan, presumably somewhere in the Pacific.

The World of Warships cinematic trailer shows off the promise of the upcoming naval action MMO: dozens of naval ships maneuvering in dangerous waters, fighter planes evading artillery fire to bomb key targets, and the intense strategic calls that players will have to make in each clash.

The game's developer released the cinematic trailer a week before E3, where it said attendees will be able to get to see demos of the tactical military online rpg. This is the first public debut for the game.

The viewing demos will be held at the Wargaming booth (#601 South Hall) and will be held once per hour. Those who manage to swing by the venue can expect "intense naval engagements and deadly aircraft strafing runs" or pretty much more of what the cinematic trailer served up.

Possibly though the demos will also include snippets of World of Warships set in the Northern European campaign, which was also a heated naval theater during World War II.


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