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World of Warships High School Fleet ships
Some fans are hard pressed to find more ways to get anime into their lives, but fortunately for mmo players, World of Warships is offering a way to get some anime-inspired action while cruising the virtual seas of the online wargame. Players can now purchase the World of Warships High School Fleet ships that have just cruised into the game.The two new World of Warships High School Fleet ships come with commanders and voices (commanders and ex...
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Jul 10 2017
world of warships soviet cruiser branch
A shockwave of fear is spreading across World of Warships as nine Soviet cruisers enter the seas armed with a lethal mix of mobility and ferocity. A total of nine World of Warships Soviet cruisers have been added to the naval action mmorpg through a new full Tech Tree branch. These cruisers include the likes of the Project 26 Kirov cruiser and the Project 66 Moskva."If you’re looking to become a scourge of the seas then Soviet cruisers have ...
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Mar 24 2016
Is prime time for World of Warships team battles a good idea?
There's nothing like the taste of victory while playing mmo games, especially if that victory is against other human opponents. While it can be enjoyable to beat the AI of a raid boss, nothing ever compares to going toe-to-toe with living, breathing humans as they don't follow a coded script. However, this victorious euphoria depends upon one thing, having other players to go against. World of Warships update 0.5.3 added some new content to the n...
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Feb 21 2016
World of Warships dev diaries shows team battles
While queuing up for battles can be tremendous fun in mmo games, there is always the risk of playing with people of dubious skills. Nothing sends shudders through a competitive gamer than being stuck in an ugly PUG, but World of Warships is looking to remedy that situation by allowing players to fight alongside teams of their choosing. In the latest dev diaries video, players get a look at the World of Warships team battles that are coming to the...
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Feb 11 2016
world of warships public test
All hands on deck! Wargaming's military mmo format has been beloved by many, ever since World of Tanks first rolled out, bringing a whole new feel to tactical mmofps. Since then, there's been a long anticipated dream of seeing the land, sea and air all represented in the "World of...." series and, at long last the final corner of the trifecta is starting to get up and running. World of Warships has been a long-awaited element in the Wargaming ...
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Feb 02 2016
world of warships project r kamikaze japanese
If warship restoration and cool rewards get you all excited, then you might want to consider putting in the extra effort in the cool new World of Warships community project that just went live.Codenamed as World of Warships Project R, players will join together to reach different milestones and earn Pearls with which they can use to rebuild the Japanese destroyer Kamikaze and unlock other mmo game rewards. Kamikaze was the flagship of nine K...
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Jan 18 2016
World of Warships Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- ships announced
The World of Warships mmo is known for its attention to detail for its roster of real world naval vessels. One would think that a game (as well as the entire franchise of games) built upon such realism would be the last place you would see some anime influence, but you would be wrong. has released a new trailer showing some of the new World of Warships Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- ships that will sailing into the ...
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Dec 17 2015
Should there be a World of Warships Age of Sail expansion?
The nature of warfare has changed dramatically over the centuries. Where once men fought battles using swords and shields, the conflicts of today are carried out by drone strikes and long-range missiles. One area of warfare that has seen a huge shift in how it is fought is naval warfare. The huge naval battles of yesteryear that determined the fate of empires have been replaced by carrier task forces designed to wield a wide range of power throug...
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Nov 12 2015
World of Warships Rise of the Phantom Fortress event
While Halloween is normally associated with spooky things like creepy cemeteries and haunted houses, we have to remember that supernatural events are not just limited to dry land. The high seas boast their own haunted history that's chock full of ghost ships, such as the Flying Dutchman, and mysterious monsters. A lot of mmo games are now featuring Halloween-themed events, and such an event is now coming to World of Warships. The nautical wargame...
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Oct 19 2015
world of warships premium vehicles developer diary
World of Warships continues to crank out more developer diaries, and the newly released one focuses the spotlight on premium vehicles -- from how the mmorpg studio chose the ships in the line-up to how testing went down. World of Warships premium vehicles are selected on different aspects, according to developers, and some were chosen based on their fame (such as the German Tirpitz) or their valiant service record (such as the Soviet Gremyashchy...
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Oct 17 2015