World of Warplanes tutorial video shows each warbird's potential

By Michael Jamias
world of warplanes warbird tutorial

Soak in the traits and combat strengths of each warbird class in the flight combat MMO.

This latest World of Warplanes warbird tutorial video is the second in the Flight School series, and focuses on the vast options available to pilots when choosing one of the four fighting bird types. World of Warplanes is currently in open beta.

The video gives a comprehensive overview of the warbird classes, from the mobile light fighters to the armored attack aircraft, and their particular strengths and weaknesses in a World of Warplanes combat scenario.

Each warbird class excels at a specific role. For instance, the agile light fighters are extremely maneuverable and excel in taking down other enemy aircraft. Few warbirds outside their class can keep up with their speed, and as such are vulnerable to their offensive patterns.

Meanwhile, attack aircraft are heavy but durable and can withstand even sustained gunfire, making them the perfect warbirds for neutralizing ground targets such as anti-aircraft artillery guns.

The video also tackles the two remaining warbird classes: The sniper-like heavy fighters and the multi-utility carrier-based aircraft.

The last stretch of the video touches on recommended flight compositions -- think of it as team compositions in rpg games online -- and the winning strategy employed by such warbird combinations.


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