World of Warplanes Update 1.2 preps eSports launch

By Michael Jamias
world of warplanes update 1 2 esports

Wargaming is determined to make World of Warplanes' eSports tournaments the splashiest in the pro circuit, and a big part of the groundwork is coming online in the upcoming Update 1.2.

Developers plan to implement enhanced camera effects specifically to spice up the live streaming sessions during eSports tournaments, which are planned to launch this year. Players will also be given the option to view match replays to learn about their mistakes and dissect their foes' winning strategies. Post-match rpg stats will even be available to see, giving fans much room for improvement as they learn about their strong and weak points.

Overall, these features will help pilots sharpen their skills, and keep the eSports scene truly competitive.

“The upcoming update will heighten gameplay experience, injecting it with depth and comfort,” said Vlad Belozerov, Director of Global Operations for World of Warplanes. “Our goal is to grow World of Warplanes into a game that is exciting to watch via live steams and gratifying to play, be it on casual or pro level.”

Fans can also look forward to the new Battle Missions system to go live in this upcoming MMO update. Think of Battle Missions as practice prep for PvP, with the added thrill of completing special bonus events to win extra credit rewards.


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