World of Warplanes announces First to the Top launch event

By Tam Mageean
world of warplanes top event

World of Warplanes was supposed to be launched at the end of September, but at the last moment, they decided to push the launch back to November, in order to ensure the aerial MMOFPS was at its finest when it took to the skies. The launch-timer has counted down fast, and now, with the new release date of November 12th only a week away, Wargaming has announced a World of Warplanes Opening Event.

"First to the Top" will be a race for total air dominance as the new MMO unfolds. Budding pilots will have 2 weeks to ascend from zero to hero, with the fastest to climb through the ranks winning some free World of Warplanes premium time. Prizes include up to 10 years of free premium time for players unlocking the top tiers of Warplanes' winged elite.

World of Warplanes banner

The premise is simple:

"Pick a tech tree, start unlocking planes, and try to reach the top of the tree as quickly as possible."

Beta players may have a slight advantage, as they'll already know their best tech forte's, but with the prizes in abundance, everyone has an opportunity to get their hands on some free premium time.

The event will run from November 12th at 2230,PST until November 26th at 2200,PST.


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